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    March 23, 2013
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>> this is actually the newest song that they're playing right now. i did a cover of "don't you forget about me." >> how could we forget that song? from "the breakfast club." was that fun to do? >> when i recorded that song, it wasn't long after john hughes passed away. he was in my mind obviously a lot. i wanted to do it as a tribute to him. but the rest of the songs are all american song books. you are an iconic redhead, we thought it was fitting on this day to play a game that we're going to call -- guess the redhead. all right? you and me -- okay. this is a game, neither of us know who they are here is picture number one. who is that? oh! who is that redhead, i'm guessing it, prince harry. >> very good. >> he's for me. he is completely, totally for me. that look is for me.
>> okay, name that redhead. >> she's not red, she's blonde. i don't that counts as a redhead. >> i might be unstoppable. i'm going with kathy griffin. >> oh my god! >> she did look blonde in your defense. >> i'm killing it on the redheads. >> who is that? oh! >> all right. who is -- first of all, is this a man or a woman? it's julia roberts. >> is it julia roberts? >> oh! that's shaun white. the snowboard pro, from the olympics. >> bobbie thomas set us up. >> it could have been julia roberts. i want to see julia's face morphed in there. >> i think, here is picture number five.
>> oh. >> oh, wait -- jessica chastain? are you right? >> yes. >> how many more, is this the tiebreaker? oh, all right. well we have a winner. we don't have any prizes, just more drinking. >> now here's the thing we are challenging you to, molly. you have a lot of facebook and twitter followers. we're asking every guest host to bring it bring your facebook followers or twitter followers, to our page and get them to like us. dule came and we got some and anthony anderson got us 5,000. whitney cummings came and we dropped 2,000. now we are back with you. >> i'm on it. so are you going to do it? >> i'm on it. >> you go on facebook to kathie lee and hoda and you click the like button.
you have kids. >> i do. >> now, this is one of those things that's kind of an important thing for parents, when your kids kind of get a little -- antsy in restaurants, do you give them ipads and ear phones and things to kind of distract them? >> i try not to. because we have a rule in our house which no electronics on the table. >> oh, really? >> that's a rule and that also goes for me, too because i'm the worst. i always -- so we try to set an example and just not have those on the table. so i, we try not to do that in restaurants. because i don't think that we should have the same -- i think we should have some consistency between home and restaurants. but i do, we do try to bring coloring books. >> right, right. >> little things to keep them occupied. >> when you see parents who hand their kids something to occupy them. and the kids are out of control and they put on the headphones and they're totally quiet. do you think that's a good plan for somebody else, or not? >> i think everybody is different. i get a little concerned when i
see kids so checked out with the electronics. my kids love ipads, too, but we try to put a limit on the amount of time -- >> so they don't zone. >> because otherwise, that's all they want. i want them to learn how to build things and manipulate things with their hands. >> you're right. we do this thing called the social cues. it comes on the "new york times," this is a question that struck us, and something we have to talk about. in the middle of a seated musical performance at a top venue, my wife and i were overwhelmed by the rank odor of feet. someone had taken off her shoes. the people on either side of us had theirs on. the smell was so overpowering that the person must have been in our immediate vicinity. what should we have done? so -- >> that's revolting. that's revolting. >> what would you do in that kind of a situation? >> i think i would say something. >> what would you say? >> i would tap them on the shoulder and say, would you mind putting your shoes back on. >> you have moxie.
>> you don't take your shoes off in a theater. >> and people do that on planes, have you ever been near anybody when they do it on a plane? >> yes, i have. >> and anything -- >> sometimes i've asked the flight attendant. >> phil gawanus says you should reach into your purse, get a kleenex, squirt it with some perfume and put it up to your nose so you can breathe the kind of air you like to smell. >> if you spray perfume, you're imposing that smell on everyone else. >> that's a very good point. >> and maybe everybody else doesn't like that. >> one time i was in a cab, and it was so rank in this cab, i literally almost wanted to barf. i unrolled the window and hung my head out the window like a dog. i honestly couldn't take it. i'm usually one of those people who just takes the cab and suck it up and go. >> yeah. >> you know what, every friday at this time we do kathie lee's friday funny. and since kathie lee isn't here, guess who is going to take a
-- try her luck at it. >> i stressed out a lot about this. the best that i could do. >> all right. >> we're ready. >> what -- i'm going to mess this up. >> no, you're not. >> what's beethoven's favorite fruit? >> what is beethoven's favorite fruit? i don't know. >> ba-na-na-na. >> my friend gave me that one. >> oh. >> i have one more. >> good. >> why is it fiscally irresponsible to get rid of a penny? >> why is it -- fiscally irresponsible, i don't know. >> because it makes no cents! >> the party is over! that's it. >> all right. it's time for our girlfriend,
bobbie thomas, bobbie's buzz. what have you got for us, bobbie? >> i thought that was very cute. i'm here to talk about what's new for nails this spring and something that nail art fans will flip for. this lets you create your own nail decals. >> i made a special strip for kathie lee and hoda. so they could wear theirs. >> is that crazy? >> you can even put your own touch. this is my little and birthday parties, cheerleaders love this with all the news we've heard about gel manicures, maybe something you want to think about the uv exposure, this spring, lots of brands are offering top coats that you don't need the uv light for and you can take it off with regular remover and they make it look like the gel, because they have a thicker top coat. >> i took the gel off and my nails are like paper. >> you shouldn't do the gels.
>> and something else, i have a hard time when i paint my own nails, keeping the nail polish on the cuticle. this is a little thing that you can by sephora, use and it has a grip underneath. it will help stay put. and last but not least, refinery is a website i like. i picked up a tip for them. this is elmer's glue, if you put a base coat of that on your nails because shimmer polish is in. you can paint your nails with glitter and it will last through the party, and in the morning you won't have the hard-to-get glitter off, it will come right off. >> elmer's glue, who knew? something that molly is looking forward to is our animal segment. we want to give you a little taste. this is called a -- bear cat? >> this is a bintron. >> what is this? >> it's a bear cat. >> but it's not a bear or a cat. >> no. >> it's freaky. >> how heavy is it?
>> she's pretty heavy, about 90 pounds. >> oh, my gosh. >> is she friendly? >> she's friendly to me. but i'm not going to let you near her. >> i don't get to snuggle? >> no. >> dave, we look forward to seeing you. time to go over to sara to tell us about our baby of the week. >> the cute time to announce our babies of the week, johnson's baby of the week. first up is justin, born to nikki and sam on february 27th. mom and dad love justin's spiky hair. next is baby liam, born to parents kristen and brandon on february 6. mom says she learned the only time to sleep is when the baby sleeps. our next baby of the week is courtney, born on january 30th to camille and roman in clifton, new jersey, making 19-month-old cameron a big sister. and this baby was born on
february 15th. so big congratulations to all of our new parents. if you'd like your adorable baby to be considered for today's johnson's baby of the week, go to klg& >> thank you so much. meredith she has a friend, his name is kevin fitzgerald, only 17 years old. diagnosed with something called acute lymphoblastic cancer. he had a bone marrow transplant. he is in the hospital. he had to have a double lung transplant. he had to have a boston children's hospital from meredith vieira and all of us, we are wishing him the best of luck and get home soon. we'll be back after this. in. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep, and lunesta eszopiclone can help you get there,
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>> the hunk who hails from scotland, gerard butler takes on a range of roles from romantic comedies to thrillers. >> his new movie is old-fashioned. he plays a secret service agent who is on the outs until the white house is seized by terrorists and the president is taken hostage. take a look. >> yes, the president is in the bunker. being held hostage. >> what do they want? >> we'll try to find out. >> who's in charge? >> trumble. are there any survivors with you? >> negative sir. they wiped us out. in the hallways with enough explosives to take out an army. >> okay. >> gerard is with us today. i'm shaking because i just finished watching the movie. and it's so powerful.
so powerful because it's so darn believable. >> and you felt like there's a possibility of something terrible like that could happen. >> forgive me, everybody. >> at the end of the day, it's fiction, it's entertainment. but i think in light of recent history and where we are in the world right now, it's, it's not a distinct impossibility. and we played it for, if it's going to happen, how would it look? and really give it some more depth and meaning and create these, these very human characters, including the officials involved and secret service. >> can we talk about the cast for a second? how did they let you in it! >> i produced it. i put myself in it. >> you slept with somebody? >> yeah. >> so the cast has angela bassett. >> morgan freeman, we have -- >> ashley judd. >> ashley judd. >> aaron who plays the president, so great. so really, they just pull you into this movie.
and i think what was important was just again making it so believable and each one of them is a hero. that's why at the end i mean you can see the attack and it's very -- >> it's brutal. it's brutal. it's not for children. >> but at the end of the day, you come out of there -- i'm amazed, women like you guys, they love the movie, i know women. >> that's what we hear. you love a lot of them. >> we've been to screenings around the country. we took it to washington and i thought it was going to be stoned. politicos and ambassadors and government, secret service -- they were all there and they loved it. they were applauding during the movie. >> what did they tell you afterwards, they appreciated the authenticity? >> they appreciated how provocative it was. they also found it very entertaining. the thing about the movie at the end of the day, it makes you so patriotic. and all of these journeys of the heroes and the idea is basically how a country -- it made me
feel, no matter what, if they throw their worst at us at the end of the day, we'll make it through. >> you're a scotsman who is an american hero. >> yeah. >> how does it feel? >> to play any kind of hero, i'm not a hero in my real life, so okay, i'll do it in movies. >> how is the rest of your life, by the way? the other parts of it? >> do you sing in the shower? >> i do sing in the shower. >> you're a darn good singer. >> i never had a singing lesson before the opera, it was shower singing and then i had to go for a singing lesson. before i sang for andrew lloyd weber. i said i'm going to sing "music of the night" i said if i'm going to make a fool of myself. tell me and i'll drop out. and when i was done, she said, i'm not bad. she said you need to learn. >> that's stunning to me.
>> there's an 83-year-old woman who saw your "phantom of the opera" at least 25 times and that is my mother. would you just say hello to joanie. >> hey, joanie. where am i talking to? hey, joanie. let's watch it together 26 time. >> mr. charm, move over, sean connery. move over. baby. >> congratulations, a terrific movie. >> still shaking. >> "olympus has fallen" opens nationwide today. wear your seat belt for a couple of reasons when you watch it for a couple of reasons, right? he's so adorable. again for over eight years. id its key ingredients are also found in every day food like avocados, broccoli and bananas. it contains about as much caffeine as a cup of the leading premium coffee. zero sugar. four calories. 5-hour energy is like... coffee with vitamins and nutrients.
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time for three, two, one, live with sara haines. where we take questions from the crowd. >> sara, how afraid should we be? >> very afraid. first up someone from oklahoma, shannon. >> good morning, ladies, we're in new york until saturday.
what are your top picks for sightseeing? >> top picks for sightseeing. >> in new york city? >> what do you think? >> i really love the village. greenwich village, that's my favorite. >> i'm all about the restaurants, like go to balthaazar. >> you have to do central park. going to the top of the rock is a terrific view, it's a great time. it's going to warm up. so you're not picking a bad time. >> let's try to get mike in from portland. he was one of our fans of the week, hoda, he's on our trip right now. >> hey. >> hello, being a fan of the week, i love your i hoda playlist, i don't know what your dance moves are? i would love for you to tell us and maybe bust it out for us. >> i wish we had more time, because i'm so five seconds, i would have busted a move thaw wouldn't believe. we'll be right back with some furry little creatures right after this.
♪ it's the call of the wild >> we're back on this try-day friday, call of the wild. here while kathie lee takes the day off is actress and friend of the show, molly ringwold and dave from the national wildlife federation. >> this is where we get to meet things furry, feathery and. >> that's what national wildlife week is all about, introducing kids to wildlife and nature. we've been doing it for 75 years. this year the theme -- the theme is -- trees and wildlife. all the animals i brought live in trees. you can probably hear the first one, a cuckaberra. this is a cavity nester, just like a bluebird or chickadee would in north america, these birds nest in trees. [ bird calls ]
>> i don't know how to do it. >> this is not working. [ bird calls ] >> that is perfect. >> great. >> i want to bring him on tour with me. >> they have a beautiful voice. >> let's go on to our next animal. we've got a lot of tree-loving animals. >> this is a boa constrictor. >> you guys want to come around the back here. lift the weight up here. these are heavy snakes. you got it? >> wow. >> these live down in south america. >> is it heavy? >> yes. you want to -- >> no. >> this would be great for a workout. >> these guys live in the trees when they're young and eat a lot
of birds, this is why i brought this species, they kill their prey by wrapping around them and if you, even put it on the table if you want. if you exhale, that's when the snake would squeeze and it would not allow you to inhale and that's how they suffocate their prey. i'll grab her here, she's extremely strong. >> now for our fun bear cat. this is a species, which probably you've never heard of before. >> actually, molly has. >> neither a bear nor a cat. i think she's going to stay up on grant's shoulders. >> what are they? >> they're a member of the civet family. most americans have never heard of civets because they don't live in north america. they live in africa and asia. this one lives in southeast asia. she just moved all the way behind me. but check out the giant tail, it's almost like a fifth limb, it's as them as my arm.
it's semi prehencele and it helps them hang on to the branches so they don't fall off. they love fruit. they also eat small animals. >> can i touch her? >> you can put her on the side. >> she's soft. >> they kind of look like muppets. >> they're very jim hensen. >> look at that. >> not very light. she's almost 100 pounds. >> another animal from south america, a king vulture. >> this is a vulture. most people think of vultures as ugly, black, skragley-looking birds. this species has this beautiful coloration and like all birds, they perch in the trees, these guys have scavengers, that's why she doesn't have feathers on her head. if you're sticking your head into a rotting carcass, you don't want to have the feathers getting dirty.
what is that dangling thing on the head? >> it's how they communicate with their own species. >> do the males look different from the females? >> no, they don't. one of the interesting things about this guy, even though it's a bird, they don't nest on trees, they nest on the ground. >> he's looking at us. >> scary. >> are there wedding bells in your future? >> we'll tell you when to splurge and how to find steals, so your big day doesn't break the bank. right after this. a lot of you may have heard about probiotics but may not realize what they can do for your health. we know what it takes to look good on the outside but with 70% of our immune system located in our gut, the core of our health is truly on the inside. that's why i take new trubiotics. it's a daily probiotic that helps in two ways. one helps support digestive health, the other immune health.
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if you have a wedding coming up or you know somebody who does, take notes, says the average wedding costs $28,500. but it doesn't have to. anja has tips and tricks on saving money on everything you need. she's the site director at
>> can we get under that number? >> you can try. some parts of the country it's much higher, some places is lower. 28 is the national average. >> we'll play a little game. splurge or whether it's cheaper. >> a steal. >> starting with the rings. >> which do you think of these first two? the idea, they're both filigree. very trendy for wedding bands, your wedding bands add some cost. >> i think that's the expensive one. >> you think so? ha do you think? >> i would go for -- >> that one? >> no, that one. >> molly's the winner. >> that's this is the simon g, 3200 and this one is 600. >> so which of these two, channel-set, very nice, very simple -- >> splurge. >> splurge. >> what do you think? >> is she touching that? >> what do you think? >> i'll go for that one, too. >> we got you, that's wrong,
that's the steal. we're talking about $900 channel-set ring and -- >> i like that one better. >> there you go. let's move down to the china. >> this is not you spending the money. this is your guest spending the money on you. do you want to get more out of your registry? here's the thing, two sets of china here. people are into everyday china, to take it from the dinner table to the holiday table. this is we've got well first of all, i'm going to let you tell us. >> this is the expensive one with the gold. >> do you think? >> i'll go for this one. >> well yes, you're right. this is the expensive one. >> lennox gold. >> this is bed, bath. this is $70 for the entire setting. this one, five pieces for $130, much more expensive. >> that's more of your every day. >> invitations, they set the tone for your affair. if you're the kind of girl who wants -- >> this one is pricey.
>> you are right. that is the splurge. >> how much are the expensive ones. >> these are couture designers, $32 a set. this is the steal, this is $4. >> take us down to the last two items we have. >> flowers, which is the steal and which is the splurge? >> this is the splurge, but it looks like it's dying. it's been here for -- >> this one is $400, $150. the difference is in the flower type. >> the cake? >> yes, the cake. the best part, right? >> yes. >> people spend about $500 on their cake, $500 to $600. which one do you think? >> i think this one is the splurge. and that's a simple cake and this, well this is the save and it's $525. >> this is the splurge? >> no, this is the save. >> this is much more tasteful.
>> okay. >> this one -- this is $1600. >> that's so good. >> it's so good. >> this one. it's delicious. >> tahitian vanilla. >> coming up, whose sandwich is a slice above the rest? >> we'll have the kids finalist. >> the peanut butter sandwiches right after this. good morning i'm with your seven day weather channel forecast. we are watching winter storm virgil cranking up as it leaves the rockies. we are going to watch snow in denver seeing the snow. then it will move into the plains. rain changing to snow. the cold air in place. high in denver 24 degrees. snow on the ground to help keep it colder. temperatures will cool down in a
hurry. that is what we are looking at here for sunday. snow moving in now into parts of the ohio valley and parts of the northern plains. more of a shower situation. not really heavy snow. we are looking at tomorrow at the temperatures topping out only into the 30s. sunday a cool day. still mild throughout parts of the southeast. keep in mind in the southeast you have to watch out for storms. we are dealing with the threat of severe weather to the south and north. to the north here we will see the winter storm possibly now on monday affecting some of the big cities on the i-95 corridor. that is something we have to keep a close eye on for monday. next week things calming down. we are looking at a few snow showers. milder throughout much of the northern plains. on wednesday above the freezing mark in minneapolis. still on the cooler side
throughout parts of the southeast. those temperatures will also be moderating a bit. slowly coming back up for you in the southeast and another system moving through the pacific northwest. we'll see a few showers throughout parts of texas ask the southern plains. week days you can wake up with al. people have chosen it again and again for over eight years. its key ingredients are also found in every day food like avocados, broccoli and bananas. it contains about as much caffeine as a cup of the leading premium coffee. zero sugar. four calories. 5-hour energy is like... coffee with vitamins and nutrients. simple. put them together and it's a great combination. try a sip... then decide. we know this is more than a paycheck. it's rent. bus fare. a night out. that's why we let you file your simple federal return for free.
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there's more to a peanut butter sandwich than just jelly. and the jif's most creative sandwich contest is awarding a $25,000 college scholarship to the kid who makes the best sandwich. >> we've got matthew, raise your hand, matthew, ashley, raise your hand, jacob, katherine and julia. everybody go back to your stations. we're starting with matthew. >> what are you cooking up matthew, what have you got? >> i'm cooking up the bananas foster pb and b.
>> you put peanut butter, bananas and what's your other secret ingredient. >> the bananas are carmelized bananas. >> of course they are. let's get this out of here, i'm going to do this for you. can i flop this on? >> yeah, just do that. >> wow, bacon. >> while you're putting that there, we're going to try one of these. and we're going to come on down here, thank you, matthew. >> i'll put that there. >> okay. that's good, very good. this is -- >> what's this? >> banana cream sandwiches. bananas, peanut butter, honey and chocolate graham crackers. >> we have to get in here. how did you think of this idea? >> well, i love ice cream. i was trying to think of a healthy and easy way for kids to make a version of an ice cream sandwich.
>> that's good. >> we're so happy to be eating. >> up next our friend jacob, ha are you making? >> my sandwich is the magnificent mole chicken torta. >> where is the peanut butter? >> i used chocolate hazelnut spread. >> where is that? >> to make my mole sauce i mixed with the chicken and i added two slices of monterey jack cheese and then you can add avocado, lettuce. >> where's the peanut butter? >> just enjoy. >> mmmm! good one. >> oh my god. how is anyone going to choose. >> katherine, katherine. what are we making here? >> the peanut butter parrot. >> what is in it, i wonder.
>> pares, carrots, peanut butter, dried up cranberries and carrots. >> excellent. >> so you just mushed it all together? >> yes. >> and you stuck it in a wrap? >> yes. and i took the chocolate -- >> spread. you sprinkled these on top of that? >> yes. >> and i put it on the outside of that. >> and i sprinkled it on both ends. >> good one. >> now it is messy. >> but delicious. >> come on down. >> julia! >> julia. what have we made here? >> apple fries peanut butter surprise. >> i like that it rhymes. >> what is that? >> it's a tortilla with peanut butter goes on first and then mini chocolate chips and you have do that.
like a dot at the top. kind of like a smiley. >> like a smiley. >> so can you kind of -- >> yeah. so it's kind of like glue. >> and then what do you do? >> the chocolate chips go on. the granola goes on there, also. >> and the apples -- >> in any particular direction? >> the apple fries go on here and then you fold it up. >> and you eat it. >> yes. >> thank you. you kids are all, congratulations by the way. whoever wins, you guys all did a great job. >> thank you for coming to see us. we're going to get ready to clown around. we're having a performance by cirque du soleil. but first, this is "today" on nbc. for over 75 years people have saved money with...ohhh... ...with geico... ohhh...sorry!
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>> announcer: the toyota concert series on "today," brought to you by toyota. >> the high-flying death-defying spectacle known as cirque du soleil has been shocking and dazzles audiences. >> and now the troupe has pitched its tent next to city
field in new york and we'll get a little taste of what they have in store. >> hey, ciao bella, como estas! >> how beautiful, okay. hey, you can call me, okay? and you, too, okay? >> we look forward to the show. we'd like to thank molly ringworld, molly, has got a terrific book, thank you so much for helping us out. she's got a book "when it happens to you." this book is out in paperback may 7th. we're going to have usher with us on monday. everybody have a great weekend and cirque du soleil, he is weird. >> take it away . ♪
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screwdriver is. of animal tars anet's reality show. ago brett told a different story. amazing stuff. star client. >> kobe bryant, dr. dre, tracy morgan. nothing is off limits. who has the guts to hold back? [ applause ] hello, hello! roll it! [ cbs television distribution ] all right. a little about me. i'm recently married. i work with my wife on this show. i'm learning how to be a dad to two amazing kids in a blended family. i'm hosting a talk show 'cause there's a lot to talk about. this is the adventure. [ applause ] welcome to the show. have a seat. on.d don't sit down yet. can we get a shot over here? this never seen someone -- come up here with me. wait.
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